WIN Conference

Daughters of Kenya is the Executive Partner – Women International Networking (WIN) – Kenya. 

About WIN

WIN (Women’s International Networking) is a leadership organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland.WIN’s mission is to inspire, empower, develop, and connect women worldwide in an authentic, feminine, interconnected, and global way. It does so by offering high quality learning events and conferences worldwide.

Founded in 1997 in Milan by Norwegian social entrepreneur and pioneer, Kristin Engvig. She brought a revolutionary new way to the world of business by integrating feminine values, wellness, purpose, aesthetics, joy, and nurturing qualities to inspire a more sustainable, regenerative and prosperous future for all.

Over the years, WIN has provided pioneering thought leadership and is the reference for numerous individuals and organizations worldwide. It opens new paths and inspires exceptional leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and talents through its innovative and collaborative framework of change. WIN Kenya was developed from the continuous support and mentoring given towards the past 7 years.

  • Developed by women for both women and men, the Global WINConference is the premier leadership development platform that engages outstanding professionals, entrepreneurs and executives working worldwide through a sophisticated framework for change.
  • With a 26-year legacy, the WINConference is the ideal partner for any organization that wishes to better attract, retain and inspire the fastest growing talent on the planet – women, on their terms and in a way that inspires balance and collaboration.

Why be a part of it?

  • Accelerate the achievement of your business strategy and SDG objectives by embracing gender balance, women in leadership and creation of a culture of inclusion.
  • Interact with new business networks, potential candidates and clients.
  • Profile your organization to an influential group of leaders and communicate your serious commitment to a more balanced future.
  • Position your organization alongside like-minded organizations as a progressive and innovative organization

Based on participants of previous WIN Conferences, you will meet a select number of highly resourceful leaders, a diverse group of people across different job levels, age ranges and backgrounds.

  • 35% of the participants are senior leaders, 37% are middle managers and the rest are emerging talent, independent entrepreneurs, consultants or artists
  • 65% are corporate, with politicians, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders and artists also represented
  • On average 7% of the participants are men, half of which are senior leaders and half of which are middle managers/others
  • The companies that sponsor and support WIN are world class companies

WIN attracts conscious women and men across a diverse cross-section of society who share a strong sense of responsibility. It is attended by influential decision makers and opinion leaders, company executives, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, consultants, academics, artists, government, NGO representatives, international business school professors and students, targeted media, bloggers and twitter influencers. Every year, WIN attracts more men to join the conversation.

Who are the individuals and organizations leading the way with purpose, creating workplaces with meaning, shaping societies in which everyone has freedom of choice in a world in which we all flourish? Join to:

•Discover how women and companies can collaborate to lead a gender balanced work agenda towards
a thriving future in Kenya and in the world.
•Become updated with emerging global trends and explore how organizations and individuals lead the way in creating the future.
•Understand how the companies embracing women in STEM and in business create diverse and inclusive environments – fertile grounds for innovation.
•Find possibilities that enable companies, teams, clients and society to grow in a sustainable way.
•Accelerate your journey, create optimal work-life balance, develop skills, increase confidence and become a global, authentic and integrated feminine leader and an agent of possibility.

The WINConference is recognized for inspiring and creating change directly and ‘in the moment’. It will give you the knowledge, practical tools and the network of support to help you succeed and prepare for the future.